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Central Florida’s Top Rated Auto Detailer

Finding an exceptional detailing company who provides high-quality detailing service can be difficult. Many companies claim that they provide quality service, but take shortcuts or use cheap products. As an Orlando resident, you deserve a company who cares about providing your vehicle with quality care, in a manner which is most convenient to you. At Empire Auto Spa, our focus is on both quality and convenience, which is how we’ve earned such a shining reputation.

Auto Detail Experts in Orlando, FL
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What sets Empire Auto apart?

We have more than 30 years of experience, we have accrued valuable knowledge about vehicle detailing that is unmatch in the Central Florida area.

Getting your car detailed in Orlando

There are many reasons that we have been constantly trusted with some of Central Florida and Orlando’s most expensive automobiles. One of these reasons is that we only use the best products, including ceramic and glass coatings. For truly exceptional service, speak with our team at Empire Auto Spa today!
We’ve won Best in Show at the Festivals of Speed, and worked with a variety of clients, including Nickelodeon Studios, Florida Hospital, and High End Luxury Vehicles at Millennia Motors.

Why Get Your Car Detailing With Us?

  • Available 6 days a week
  • Insured and licensed
  • Quality products used
  • Employ master detailers
  • Concierge services
  • Professional atmosphere

Empire Auto Spa’s Areas We Serve

We are in this business to serve you, so customer satisfaction is our priority. Our team does not consider a job complete until you have seen your vehicle detailed and tell us you are pleased with the results. Contact us today by calling 407-459-8371 to schedule an appointment!  Our shop is an easy drive from Orlando. Come see us today!

Tips With The Empire

Identifying Quality Work

Join Shawn from Empire Auto Spa as he walks you around a customer’s notchback Mustang to show you how to identify the quality of your detail. Don’t let camera tricks fool you into thinking your detail is better than it actually is!