Auto detailing explained according to professional near you

Auto detailing is the practice of cleaning one’s car in detail from the inside and the outside. Getting your car auto-detailed regularly results in a cleaner car with an improved appearance. In this article, let us take a look at the most common and essential steps of a professional auto detailing session.

Start By Cleaning the Wheels and Tires

  • Start off by cleaning the wheels and tires. This is the preferred way of auto detailing because if the body receives any splashes from cleaning the tires and wheels, the splashes can be cleaned later on when detailing the car’s exterior. Going the other way around will double the effort.

Start off by choosing the right cleaning product. Choose a cleaning product that is suitable for the material of your tires and wheels. For example, chrome should be cleaned using a gentle cleanser. After choosing the cleaner, pick a soft-bristled brush that will effectively remove lodged grease, and dirt from the tire. Spray the cleaner on the wheel and use the brush to clean the tire.

  • After cleaning, apply tire shine to the rim and the wheel. It will enhance the appearance of the wheel and make it look new. Make sure that the tires are completely dry before applying the shine. If the wheel is wet, the tire shine will stick onto the paint and create a mess.

Wash The Exterior Surface

This is the most critical and time-consuming step of the detailing process. Follow this logical flow for washing and cleaning the exterior surface:

  • auto detailing explainedStart by cleaning the roof of the car. For cleaning the roof, you need a good car wash shampoo, wash mitts, and soft microfiber towels. To prevent the loss of water, use the two-bucket wash method instead of using a water hose. In the aforementioned method, one bucket is filled with a mixture of car wash shampoo and water and the other is filled with water for rinsing. This method not only saves water but also cuts time, effort and results in better cleaning.
  • Wash your car under shade to prevent watermarks left due to the fast drying of water.
  • If possible, opt for steam cleaning as that will result in considerable water savings and better results.
  •  After cleaning the roof, wipe the rest of the body using the same mixture of shampoo and water. Dry the car’s exterior with a clean microfiber towel
  • After that, it is time to clean the window and the windshield. For tinted glass, use an ammonia-free product. First, clean both the inside and outside of the glass with a clean microfiber towel. Spray the cleaning product and wipe the window using a clean towel.

Clay the Car

  • Claying is an important step that is performed to remove the microscopic contaminants trapped in the car’s paint. This step is performed before polishing or waxing and after cleaning the car thoroughly. To do so, use high-quality automotive clay that is not too abrasive. First, spray a clay lubricant on the car which will reduce the friction and prevent the chances of scratches from the clay bar.

Then take a small piece of the clay bar and gently rub it across the car’s surface in up and down motions and not in circles. Give a thorough and generous clean to the car’s surface using the clay bar and wipe the rest of the clay lubricant with a microfiber towel.

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