Auto detailing explained according to a professional near you

Auto detailing is the process of cleaning a car in detail from the inside and outside. The goal of auto detailing is to reverse all the damages, restore its appearance and keep it looking new. It differs from the average car cleaning session in the sense that auto detailing involves the cleaning of the car’s interior and exterior surfaces. Auto detailing gives the best results when performed step by step in chronological order, using the right tools.

Let us take a look at some of the most important steps of a professional auto detailing session.

4) Polish The Car’s Surface

After claying comes polishing. Polishing is performed to remove swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, dirt, and other imperfections from the car’s surface. Car polish diminishes these imperfections by peeling off a very fine layer of the paint so the scratches will mingle in and become less apparent. To get the best results, detailers use the following tools for polishing:

  • Dual-action polisher
  • Rotary buffer (gives better results but requires more advanced handling)

Polishing compounds are abrasive in nature. However, their levels of abrasiveness differ. The higher abrasiveness of the polish results in a smoother surface but if not dealt with professionally, paint can also be chipped off.

5) Apply Wax or Paint Sealant

  • Claying and polishing scrub the car’s surface to get rid of minor imperfections. However, due to its abrasive nature, the paint loses some of its lusters. To restore its luster and to give it shine, wax or paint sealant is applied. Carnuba wax has hydrophobic properties. It prevents the appearance of watermarks and makes cleaning easier. It also gives a smooth appearance to the car and adds shine to it, making it appear brand new.

6) Apply Tire Shine

Washing the tires and wheels is the first step of the auto detailing process. By this point during the process, the tires are dry and ready to be polished. As the name indicates, tire shine adds luster to the tires and makes them appear new. Tire shine is easy to apply. However, care should be taken about drying the shine first. Don’t drive the car before the shine has dried completely to avoid any splashes.

7) Steam the Interior

  • auto detailing explained by a proAfter completing the above-mentioned steps, it is time to clean the car’s interior. To achieve the best results, steam cleaning is the preferred method. Professional detailers clean the car’s interior by thoroughly steaming the car’s nooks and crevices. But before that, the carpets are removed and vacuumed. After steaming, accumulated dust is removed from seat creases and door pockets. Since these areas are hard to reach, a soft-bristled brush is used to remove the accumulated dust and debris.

8) Clean The Upholstery

The seats of the car become stained due to food and liquid spillovers or pet stains. To get rid of these stains, most detailers use a professional-quality upholstery cleaner. Different types of upholstery such as leather, vinyl, suede, and fabric require customized upholstery cleaners.

9) Clean Vinyl Surfaces

  • Vinyl surfaces such as the steering wheel, console, and dashboard accumulate dirt and oil. These surfaces should be cleaned using a customized cleaner as we come in contact with them quite often.

10) Sanitize the Air Vents

The last step involves the cleaning and sanitization of air vents. Air vents become loaded with dirt and bacteria which cause health issues. Hence, they should be cleaned using steam and a sanitizer.

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