Here are 4 auto detailing myths you must know

Every car owner understands the importance of auto detailing for enhancing durability and preserving the car’s appearance and resale value. During a professional auto detailing session, the car gets a thorough assessment to identify the elements that are in need of repair or adjustments. The car is cleaned to remove all the dirt and debris from the inside and outside. Oxidized and bonded contamination is removed using specialized tools and processes.

Over time, certain myths have been associated with auto detailing. In this article, we debunk the top 4  fallacies associated with auto detailing to get the facts straight for car owners. So read on.

Shiny Cars Don’t Need Auto Detailing

  • The shine of the car is not the only indicator to assess its level of maintenance and cleanliness. Most paints have a natural gloss so even if the car has dents and scratches, the car will appear shiny from a distance. Auto detailing comprises multiple steps, all of which are performed to bring the car to its best state.

One of these processes is claying. Claying is performed to remove scratches, bonded contamination, and small bumps across the car’s surface. Hence, if your car’s surface appears shiny but doesn’t feel smooth upon touch, it needs a light claying session. Light claying will remove the bumpiness without damaging the paint of the car.

The Costlier The Wax, The Better It is

  • Nowadays, multiple variants of car wax are available. A single box of high-end waxes will cost you in triple digits, whereas their cheaper variants are available for half the price. Many car owners believe that costlier waxes work better, however, that’s not always the case.

The effectiveness of the wax depends upon the technique used for applying it and how professionally this step is performed. Hence, instead of purchasing expensive waxes and applying them yourself, it is recommended to take the services of a professional detailer who will get the job done more effectively.

Soft Old Rags Are Good For Car Washing

  • auto detailing mythsA lot of people don’t understand the importance of getting the right tools for cleaning their cars. Most car owners believe that any cloth that is soft to touch is perfect for cleaning the surface of their car. This includes old flannels, bath towels, and t-shirts. Due to their absorbing properties, some people even use unused diapers for removing moisture from the car’s surface after washing it.

When these rags are rubbed against the car’s surface, they leave scratches and swirl marks on the clear coat. This is due to the fact that polyester thread, which has an abrasive texture,  is used in the stitching of all these clothes. Hence, it damages the car’s paint every time it is rubbed against the surface. The best textiles for cleaning the car’s surface are microfiber shine and detailing cloths that are specially manufactured for auto detailing.

Clean Your Car Using Dishwashing Detergent

  • In most households, dishwashing detergent is used as a multipurpose cleaner. A lot of car owners make the mistake of cleaning their car’s surfaces with dishwashing detergents, not knowing that it does more harm than good. Dishwashing detergents are manufactured to remove oils, grease, and grime. When applied to a car’s surface, they remove the protective coating of car wax which is made of greasy substances, polymers, and silicones. Hence, stay away from dishwashing detergents and use specially manufactured pH-balanced car washing soaps instead.

To avoid similar mistakes, professional auto detailing is preferred over DIY auto detailing, especially for beginners. Contact Empire Auto Spa to get the best auto detailing services in Orlando, Florida. Call us at 407-574-8381.