Detailing Pros in Orland discuss 4 auto detailing tips for the best effects

We have all made a DIY attempt to auto detail our car. But the results have been significantly different than a professional detailing session. Why? What did we do wrong? To better answer that, let us learn the important dos and don’ts of auto detailing.

Don’t Use a Sponge

  • Almost all motoring sections of a supermarket are adorned with sponges. They are sold as the ultimate product for cleaning your car’s surface. Yet, professional detailers avoid using sponges and instead use a customized deep-pile wash mitt. The reason is that inexpensive and artificial car washing sponges are quite dense and have flat faces. Using them on the car’s exterior surface leaves swirl marks that damage the paintwork.

Most of us begin our average car wash by using a shampoo-laden sponge and rubbing it across the surface in circular motions. By doing so, the grit on the car’s surface gets trapped in the sponge’s holes and goes deep into the sponge’s body. As a result, the sponge quickly becomes laden with grit which is hard to get out even when washed again and again.

  • Grit particles are abrasive and leave swirl marks on the car’s surface. They leave scratches and spoil the car’s shine. Deep-pile wash mitts are made of different materials such as cotton, lambswool, and soft microfiber. They effectively absorb the grit and clean the paintwork without leaving any marks.

Rinsing the wash mitts the correct way increases their effectiveness at removing the dirt and grit.

DO Use The Two-Bucket Method for Washing The Car

  • Whenever washing your car, use two buckets at least: one for the car washing solution and the other for rinsing the wash mitt in. If the mitt is not washed in a separate bucket, the grit will continue to be transferred and contaminate the car, drastically reducing the efficiency of the cleaning process and leaving possible marks on the car.

Start off by making a water shampoo solution. Then dip your clean wash mitt in the solution and wring it. Rub it gently across the car’s surface. When you feel that it is dirty again, rinse it in the wash bucket containing clean water and then dip it again in the cleaning solution. You can also buy a bucket that comes with a grit guard that filters out dust and sand particles as further protection.

auto detailing tips

DO Use A Good Wheel Cleaner For The Wheels

  • Some people use the same paintwork wash mitt for cleaning the wheels that they use for cleaning the car’s exterior surface. This does not only contaminate the wash mitt but also does a poor job of cleaning the wheels. They are made of either alloy or steel and are far more contaminated with road grime, brake dust, and oil. To clean them effectively, use a specially-formulated wheel cleaner and a wheel brush. Clean the tire with a tire dressing to make it appear new and shiny.

Don’t Let The Car Air Dry

Air drying can leave drying marks which will cause a dent in all the effort you had put in. it is better to use a soft clean drying towel to gently pat and dry the car. Custom drying towels are specially made from a sandwich technique. The outer layers – front and back – are weaved into a diamond and the inner layer is made of highly absorbent microfiber material. The construction and the material make the towels highly absorbent and effective.

This information has been brought to you by Empire Auto Spa. They provide auto detailing services in Orland, Florida.