Learn the differences between car detailing and car wash according to professionals

Auto detailing and car wash are the common ways to clean your car and restore its gleam. They both work on the same principle but differ in some ways. Let us take a detailed look at their working mechanism and analyze which is the more appropriate option for your car. 

What is Auto Detailing?

  • As the name indicates, it is the thorough or detailed cleaning of a car’s interior and exterior surface. The purpose of this process is to clean the car of all contaminants, reverse any minor damages done to the car, and protect the paint job against the damage caused by environmental factors such as UV light and dust. 

Auto detailing is carried out by professional detailers. They use specially-formulated auto care products that have a balanced pH and deliver the best results.  Detailing is not just about cleaning the car with soap and water but it also includes restorative services such as using a clay bar to get rid of contaminants, then applying polish, glaze, wax, and sealant as a protective coating to preserve the car’s exterior coating. 

What Are The Components of Auto Detailing?

Most professional auto detailing services comprise of the following steps:

Interior Auto Detailing:

  • Vacuuming the seats and trunks
  • Vapor steaming for getting rid of tough stains
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors with a microfiber towel
  • Cleaning the dashboard, vents, and console
  • Dressing interior leather, rubber, and vinyl components

Exterior Auto Detailing

It comprises the following steps:

  • Washing
  • Waxing the exterior
  • Bug and tar removal 
  • Applying clay bar to get rid of contaminants
  • Using degreasers to get rid of tough stains
  • Buffing to give a smooth look
  • Dressing the tires and cleaning the engine
  • Repairing dents
  • Touch-up painting
  • Applying a coating to protect the paint 

differences between car detailing and car wash

What Is A Car Wash?

Car wash is a basic car cleaning process. It may include both exterior and interior cleaning services but in most cases, a car wash only includes exterior washing. Automatic drive-through car washes are quite simple and do not include interior cleaning services such as vacuuming the seats and mopping the hard surfaces. 

Car wash service aims to remove debris such as tar, dirt, and salt from your car’s exterior surface.  A basic car wash includes the following services:

  • Exterior wash
  • Wiping and cleaning wheels
  • Dressing and polishing the tires
  • Clean and groom exterior trim
  • Polish and wax exterior paint

Why is Car Detailing More Expensive Than Car Wash?

Car detailing usually costs a lot more than the average car wash. The reason is that auto detailing is a thorough process wherein the vehicle is inspected, cleaned, and rejuvenated methodically. Even the smallest components are cleaned painstakingly. 

  • It also involves the use of high-quality cleaning materials and high-end machinery for cleaning the car. Auto detailing is performed by professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that your car receives the best treatment. Car washing is usually an automated process. Hence, the cost for the trained human resources has to be considered as well. 

Whereas auto detailing is heavier on the pocket, it is a worthwhile investment and offers good value for money by keeping your car bright and shiny. 

Auto Detailing Vs. Car Wash – Which Service to Choose?

  • The choice of either service is dependant on your car’s need. Experts recommend that every car owner should opt for a professional detailing service every 6-8 months. By doing so, all damage done to your car will be repaired. 

Detailing is an expensive process and cannot be performed frequently. To keep your car in a good state, you should go with the basic car wash service after every month or so. The combination of both the services will keep your car spick and span and in good shape. 

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