Detailing experts in Orlando explain when your car needs to be detailed for best results

The purpose of auto detailing is to clean your car thoroughly, restore the damages, recondition the car’s interior and execute a few cosmetic touchups. The end result is a new-looking, rejuvenated, clean, and sanitized car that has an aura of freshness. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the timing and frequency of auto detailing. It depends upon the usage and the terrain through which the car frequently travels.

Being a car owner, you should always be on the lookout for signs that indicate your car is in need of some pampering. If your car displays the following signs, get it auto-detailed earliest possible.

A Hazy Windshield

  • Windshield gets hazy due to multiple reasons such as the accumulation of dirt, falling of dew, and oxidation when the sun rays interact with it. A hazy windshield is a safety hazard as it reduces visibility and hampers your ability to navigate. If your windshield doesn’t get clearer despite using the car’s wipers or cleaning it manually, then it is time to take the help of professional detailers.

They have special tools that clear the fog and restore the windshield to its pristine condition, enabling you to see clearer and drive better.

Headlights Get Murky

Headlights are another important accessory that enhances visibility for the driver. For safe driving at night, headlights should produce maximum luminance so the driver won’t hit anything on its way.  However, when headlights get murky, their luminance decreases drastically and that can make driving during the night more difficult.

Following are the most common reasons for the dullness of headlights:

  • They develop yellow color when the top layer of the light gets oxidized. Exposure to UV rays is the most common reason for oxidation and wearing out of the headlight’s coating.
  • Gradually dirt starts to buildup over the lights which causes haziness. When traveling through a wet road, the headlights can get splashes of mud which harden onto your car’s headlights when they dry.
  • Acid rain and other chemical compounds corrode the protective coating over your car’s surface.

Hazy and murky lights are a safety hazard. Auto detailers know how to fix them and restore their visibility and luminance.

Bad-Smelling Interior

  • car needs to be detailedWe usually treat cars like our second home and don’t hesitate from eating, drinking, and smoking inside the car. As a result, the interior accumulates a lot of debris in the form of food crumbs, stains of liquid spillovers, and foul odors from smoking cigarettes. A foul-smelling car is an indicator that the car is in dire need of a thorough interior cleaning. Remember that if the car has not been cleaned in more than 6 months, the insides must be teeming with invisible germs as well, posing a health risk to the occupants.

Take your car to a professional detailer and let them do the magic. The result will be a new-looking and great-smelling car.

The appearance of Paint Scratches

  • Scratches on the car’s paint can occur due to minor bumps and abrasion against different surfaces. They are not only unappealing to look at, but faded paint also leads to the development of rust.

To eliminate paint scratches, professional detailers will use the combined action of claying, waxing, and polishing. As a result, the minor bumps will be filled in and your car’s appearance will be restored.

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