Learn the benefits and reasons to get your car windows tinted from an auto detailing expert in Orlando

Each component of the vehicle requires care and maintenance. Engine, upholstery, wheels, and the car’s outer body receive much attention and are periodically cleaned and maintained. However, the windows of a vehicle are often neglected and are not paid much attention.

Window tinting is an important exercise for the long-term maintenance of a car’s windows. Window tinting is the practice of applying a thin sheet of tinted film to the interior or exterior of a car’s surface. Window tinting offers multiple practical benefits which we have listed below:

Reduces The Influx of UV Radiation

  • The driving and passenger seats get direct exposure to sunlight, especially during the peak hours of the day. This not only makes driving a more tedious task but extended exposure to sun rays causes multiple skin conditions such as tanning and sunburns. UV rays present in the sun can damage the cataract and cause macular degeneration.

While sun exposure cannot be avoided completely, window tint does a pretty good job at filtering out 99% of harmful UV rays. The standard window glass offers protection from UV rays up to 85%, but this is not sufficient. Hence, window tints offer a practical and cost-effective solution for complete protection against UV rays.

Shield’s The Car’s Upholstery

  • If your car is parked in sunlight for extended periods, the upholstery will start to fade and look old pretty soon. Window tints offer practical value by shielding the car’s upholstery from harmful UV radiation. The thin film has the ability to block a major portion of the harmful sun rays from reaching the vehicle’s upholstery. This prevents the discoloration of vinyl and leather upholstery.

Sun rays are high-power electromagnetic rays. Their heat can cause physical deformities such as warping and cracking of leather upholstery. Window tints also offer protection from the physical damage caused by the heat of the sun’s rays.

  • All in all, getting your car’s windows tinted is an important step in maintaining the luster, colors, and shape of the upholstery. Reduced sun exposure adds years to the life of the upholstery and you won’t have to replace them frequently.

Makes Window Glass Resistant to Fractures

  • car windows tintedDuring accidents, the window’s glass shatters due to the force of the impact. The shreds of the broken glass often cause serious injuries to the eye, head, and other parts of the body. Window tints add strength to the car’s windows and windshield. It makes it more resistant to the brute force of the impact. Even if a collision occurs, the glass may become dented but will remain in one piece because of the adhesive power of the window tint film.

Hence, window tints not only protect the car from depreciation and damage but also offer physical protection to the occupants from shreds of broken glass.

Offers Security and Privacy

  • With street crimes on the rise, all car owners can use the security and privacy offered by window tints. When the car’s windows and windshield are layered with window tint film, they become opaque and obscure the view of the car’s inside from prying eyes outside. This obscure view offers privacy and protection for the car’s occupants from burglars and carjackers.

If your car’s windows are tinted, you can leave your valuables inside the car without fearing a break-in. Because the view from outside is obscured, tinted windows also offer much privacy to the car’s occupants.

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