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Car Wraps Orlando The Best Custom Vinyl Car Wraps in Orlando

Where can you find the Best Car Wraps in Orlando?

Vinyl Car Wraps are increasing in popularity as a way to update the look of any car, especially in Orlando. The world of custom vinyl wrapping can be a bit confusing so we’ll act as your guide in the process.

Vinyl car wrap enthusiasts will use the material to either create a whole new car look and feel or apply the wrap as a good alternative to cover up any scratches or paintwork.

Custom Vinyl Wraps and Where to Begin

When looking for a custom car wraps in Orlando to be used on your vehicle, it’s important to consider what kind of vehicle you’re customizing and the kind of wraps available.

Not all custom vinyl wraps for cars are made equal. Check out our recent video to see what we did with the 2015 Mustang GT!

What to Consider When Buying Custom Car Wraps in Orlando

So that’s it, you took the plunge and want to strap that vinyl on your car. Here’s what to stock of:

1) Durability: When does the durability drop when used on the outside of a car? For example, some auto vinyl wraps are made to last 10 years but will drop in integrity after 5 years. Some vinyls made for cars scratch easier than others as well. So there is a tradeoff to consider.

2) Weight

3) Size: Some vinyl wraps are better than others when looking to cover larger sections of cars – either inside or out.

4) Thickness

5) Size of the car (will the vinyl car wrap maintain it’s color when stretched?)

6) Dry Application and is Heat Needed: You’ll find that some vinyl car wraps are designed with an adhesive that actually pressure activates so there is no need to apply heat like with other vinyls.

7) Wrapping yourself or Using a Custom Vinyl Car Shop?

8) Can it be repositioned during installation?
Not all vinyl car wraps are made equal. Some auto vinyl stickers are specifically designed with air channels on the sticky underbelly so that you can experience easy installation that is bubble and wrinkle free.

9) Does the vinyl wrap come with a Grid Pattern on backing paper allowing for more precise cutting?

How long does Vinyl Car Wrap Last?

In general, a vinyl car wrap can last up to 7 years, and in some cases even longer! However, it is important to remember that each and every car and vinyl wrap is different.

How much does it cost to have a car vinyl wrapped?

If you want a higher-quality paint job, it will cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 or more. The prices of professionally applied car wraps range from $2,500 to $5,000. The cost can be much lower depending on what needs to be repaired and overall customization needs.

Is Vinyl Wrap good for Cars in Orlando?

For those of you that are purely interested in protecting your car, clear auto vinyl wrap is available to buy. This type of car vinyl will not change the color or look of a car once it has been installed. Vinyl wrap can also be used as a way of personalizing a car’s interior and exterior.

Can you wrap the interior of a car?

You can wrap the inside as well as the exterior of your car! The films used are the same high quality materials used on the exterior of cars, so the finish will always be excellent.

Where is the Best Custom Vinyl Wrap Place in Orlando?

Looking for Custom Vinyl Wraps in Orlando? Empire Auto Spa is Just the Place to Have it Done. No Matter if You’re Customizing a 2015 Mustang GT or More Involved.