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Do you know if your car needs ceramic coating in Orlando? Many car owners have faced the dread of damage to their hood, roof, or trunk areas. We can’t avoid birds in the great outdoors, nor can people control the weather.

What Does Ceramic Coating in Orlando Do?

Hard water stains and dry pollutants can settle on vehicles that work on corroding the paint on our cars. Vehicles can encounter salt, rust, dirt, acid rain, and fast-moving gravel that nicks and eats away at the paint.

Ceramic coatings are a resilient buffer between these natural elements that pose a risk to the look of our vehicle.

Owners with ceramic coatings will still need to wash their cars after the coating is applied, but the benefits include more significant protection from a wider variety of damages.

The properties of a ceramic layer also reducing the amount of time and elbow grease to clean a car as well.

Why Choose Ceramic Coating in Orlando?

Ceramic coating provides a long-lasting finish that protects against the sun and oxidation as well.

UV damage is widespread in the sunshine state, especially for cars that end up sitting in the driveway with little to no protection. The paint begins to oxidize, bubble, and peel, leaving a pretty tarnished look.

Red paint jobs are particularly susceptible due to the kind of ingredients used to produce a red dye. Red paint absorbs blue, green, and UV lights which are shorter in wavelength.

These lights have greater energy and thus cause the paint to fade more quickly than other colors. Colors that are known to take longer to fade include blue, white, silver, and blue.

To protect against paint fading, a layer of ceramic coating will help mitigate UV damage and be a barrier between the sun and the vehicle’s paint job.

Older cars that have had more exposure to the sun will begin to turn dull and rough. Oxygen and water eventually wear down the initial layers of paint on a car which contributes to car paint oxidation leaving it faded.

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Ceramic Coating, Better Than Wax?

Unlike wax, a ceramic coating does not break down or wash off. Wax is a wonderful product for protecting a car but inevitably needs to be reapplied frequently.

A properly applied ceramic coating will provide years of protection to the car that allows it to look new and as good as when it drove off the lot.

The ceramic coating will create a semi-bond with the paint job that will also enhance the glossy look of a vehicle. It adds aesthetic value as well as protection and durability.

The day to day look of a car with a ceramic coating will maintain itself at a higher standard than a car without one.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

It can be gratifying to care and tend to a car by giving it a good cleaning. Keeping a vehicle in optimal condition by adequately washing it and removing the contaminants from use is made more comfortable with a ceramic coating.

The thin liquid polymer that makes up a ceramic coating is hydrophobic, water repellant. The coat is so thin and uses nanotechnology to seal up the area where it is applied completely.

Water will form beads and run off the surface of a vehicle that has protection with more ease than those without. This means cleaning times will be shortened and the car will be easier to maintain.

This is particularly useful in areas with lots of water, grime, or mud found on the roads. Think about the daily afternoon summer showers that hit Orlando, Florida.

The potential rain can carry all sorts of acid rain, and leave the roads muddy and wet. Drive with more peace of mind in a vehicle that has an invisible layer of repellant.

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