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What does Ceramic Coating Do?

Do you know if your car needs ceramic coating in Orlando?
Many car owners have faced the dread of damage to their hood, roof, or trunk areas. We can’t avoid bird droppings in the great outdoors, nor can people control the weather in Orlando.

Want your car to maintain that fresh from the showroom look ?
Feynlab is the answer. Feynlab ceramic coating forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down over time.  Here are some of the reasons why you need ceramic coating;

Self cleaning effect

High gloss finish

Experienced car bra installers

Protection that's permanent

UV and weather protection

Our installers are ceramic pros


 Ceramic coating provides a long-lasting finish that protects against the sun and oxidation as well.

UV damage is widespread in the sunshine state, especially for cars that end up sitting in the driveway for any length of time with little to no protection. The paint begins to oxidize, bubble, and peel, leaving a pretty tarnished look.

Red vehicles are particularly susceptible due to the kind of ingredients used to produce a red dye. Red paint absorbs blue, green, and UV lights which are shorter in wavelength.

These lights have greater energy and thus cause the paint to fade more quickly than other colors. Colors that are known to take longer to fade include blue, white, silver, and blue.

To protect against  fading, a layer of ceramic coating will help mitigate UV damage and be a barrier between the sun and the vehicle’s paint job.

Older cars that have had more exposure to the sun will begin to turn dull and rough. Oxygen and water eventually wear down the initial layers of paint on a car which contributes to oxidation leaving it faded.



Unlike wax, a ceramic coating does not break down or wash off. Wax is a wonderful product for protecting a car but inevitably needs to be reapplied frequently.

A properly applied ceramic coating will provide years of paint protection to the car that allows it to look new and as good as when it drove off the lot. The time savings of ceramic coating compared to traditional wax is well worth the investment. 

The ceramic coating will create a semi-bond with the paint job that will also enhance the glossy look of a vehicle. It adds aesthetic value as well as protection and durability. It’s also an awesome compliment to your tinted windows to ensure your vehicle is completely protected. 

The day to day look of a car with a ceramic coating will maintain itself at a higher standard than a car without one.



It’s extremely gratifying to give your vehicle a good cleaning. Keeping your vehicle in showroom new condition is much easier with ceramic coating.

The thin liquid polymer that makes up a ceramic coating is hydrophobic, water repellant. The coat is so thin and uses nanotechnology to seal up the area where it is applied completely.

Water will form beads and run off the surface of a vehicle that has paint protection better than those without. This means cleaning times will be shortened and the car will be easier to keep clean.

This is particularly useful in areas with lots of water, grime, bird droppings or mud found on the roads. Think about the daily afternoon summer showers that hit Orlando.

The potential rain can carry all sorts of acid rain, and leave the roads muddy and wet. Drive with more peace of mind in a vehicle that has an invisible layer of repellant.


Is ceramic coating good for your car?

In a word, yes. Our Feynlab ceramic coating is a much better choice than selants available at your local auto parts store or online. Ceramic coating provides better protection than wax or sealants and helps keep your car cleaner, longer.

Are ceramic coatings worth the cost?

Generally, ceramic coating your paint job is absoutley worth it to protect your investment, especially if you own an exotic, a rare car or a high value vehicle. The process provides a long lasting layer of protection against environmental elements as well as nicks and scratches. Coatings aren’t for all vehicles though. Call us with any questions you may have, we’re happy to help.

How long does a ceramic coating last on a car?

If you are diligent about maintaining your car, a layer of ceramic should last about 2 to 5 years at a minimum. Some of our Feynlab customers have never had to re-apply ceramic coating to their vehicles.

How often should you wash a ceramic coated car?

At Empire Auto, we advise that our clients stick to a routine washing schedule. We have seen the best results when our clients hand wash their car at least every two weeks. If your car is exceptionally dirty or dusty we recommend washing a bit more frequently than two weeks. Its important to maintain the water beading and protection qualities of your ceramic coating.

More Services We Offer

Feynlab is our go to nano-ceramic coating that helps protects your
investment from the environmental hazards of Central Florida.

Let us take care of your ride.


Paint Correction

At Empire Auto spa our techs have invested countless hours staying up to date on the latest and greatest techniques. Our passion is paint correction, and improving your vehicle’s appearance. Allow us to exceed your expectations and restore your vehicle back to showroom quality for years to come.


Paint Protection Film

PPF, Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra is an innovative technology that utilizes urethane film that can be applied to almost any painted surface. PPF does an excellent job of protecting your car from a myriad of threats. PPF makes your vehicles paint job resistant to road salt, insects, rocks and more. We use XPEL PPF exclusively at Empire Auto

Happy Customers

The Five Star rating scale is not high enough for Empire Auto Spa. I brought my Black SUV that was factory black, to Empire Auto Spa to have them evaluate the damage to my paint. My SUV is a family vehicle. Every inch of my SUV was covered in light blue paint over spray. The light blue on my SUV was an industrial paint used to paint metal. Before I brought my SUV into Empire Auto Spa I was considering selling it because the paint was so damaged. Dottie, Jerry and the entire Team at Empire Auto Spa gave me the best customer service that I have ever experienced. After getting my SUV back I will be an Empire Auto Spa Client for life.  So glad I chose to go with ceramic to help protect my clear coat. These guys are ceramic pros! 

John Roberge

I had my truck 2017 Dodge RAM Sport ceramic coated. SO much better than the stock clear coat! With the 5 year warranty. I’m very pleased on how it came out. I did the rims inside and out too! Looks absolutely beautiful. They also went through the entire interior of my truck and cleaned and coated all the leather, vinyl, and sprayed a protective water proofing on the carpets. The staff is knowledgeable and polite. A definite 5 star staff. I really appreciate the owner Shawn and his team for taking such good care of my truck. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to protect your car from the elements and making it shine in the sun everyday! Well worth the drive to Orlando ! 

Christina Jones