Here are 6 efficient tips you must know before you detail your motorcycle

Detailing your motorcycle is an important step in maintaining its looks and performance. The resale value of the motorcycle is also maintained if the motorcycle is taken care of. Another advantage of detailing a motorcycle is that any mechanical faults are caught beforehand and rectified on spot. Hence, the importance of motorcycle detailing cannot be overstated.

Let us take a look at some effective tips to detail your motorcycle like a pro.

Tip One: Prewash The Motorcycle

  • Use a garden hose to prewash the motorcycle to get rid of all the impurities that cling to your motorcycle. The pressure from the hose will remove the dust and debris and make the following cleaning processes easy to perform. After prewashing the motorcycle, take a microfiber towel or a wash mitt made from sheep’s skin and a specially manufactured motorcycle detergent to wash and wipe the surfaces of your vehicle.

Use generous amounts of detergent to give your bike a thorough cleaning. Once done, wash down all the soap with the water hose. If your bike is not very dirty, you don’t have to use water to clean your motorcycle. Just spray your bike with a cleaning solution and wipe all parts of the bike with a microfiber towel.

Tip Two: Wash The Wheels Separately

  • Wash your wheels with a mild tire cleaner. Use a separate cloth for this purpose. Wheels are usually the dirtiest part of the vehicle and are often loaded with oils and tar. Hence, they should be cleaned first before proceeding to clean the rest of the motorbike.

Use a fine chrome polish to polish the chrome of the wheels. Then apply a coat of wax to seal in the shine. Use aluminum polish for uncoated aluminum, whereas coated aluminum can be lightly polished and waxed.

Tip Three: Clean The Dash With A UV Protectant Cleaner

  • The dash of the motorcycle gets a lot of sunlight exposure and the UV rays can wear it off fast. Hence, always choose a UV protectant cleaner for cleaning the dash of the motorcycle.

detail your motorcycle

Tip Four: Clean The Engine in A Cool Shade

  • The engine is the most important component of the motorcycle. It should be detailed thoroughly and with a lot of care. If the engine is not too dirty, you can clean it with a soft bristle brush and bike soap or you may need a tough degreaser if it is too dirty. Engine cleaning should be done in a cool and shady spot to prevent any sun damage.

Engine cleaners are loaded with corrosive compounds and they should not come in touch with the leather, chrome, or cloth of your motorcycle or it will stain and fade these components.

Tip Five: Dry Your Motorcycle to Avoid Water Spots

  • Water spots are quite pesky. To prevent them from occurring, use a microfiber cloth to remove the extra water. You can also use a dryer and microfiber to shorten the drying time. If the motorcycle is dried thoroughly and methodically, no water spots will be formed.

Tip Six: Apply a Paint Sealant

  • Paint sealants for motorcycles are slightly different than those for cars. After claying your motorcycle, apply a coat of wax or paint sealant to the dash and other areas.

Following these tips will help you detail your car like a pro. However, if you are not so sure about your detailing skills, then contact an experienced motorcycle detailer like Empire Auto Spa. they provide motorcycle detailing services in Orlando, Florida.