Detailing Experts in Florida discuss the dos and don’ts of detailing a luxury car

All cars require proper care and regular cleaning sessions. Luxury cars need more TLC to keep them in good shape. If not taken care of, the luxury cars deteriorate over time and lose their charm. Inadequate washing and exposure to harmful elements can result in the gradual deterioration of a luxury car. This results in significant economic loss as their resale value takes a hit as well.

Being the owner of a luxury car comes with great responsibility. To keep your car in good shape, it is important to detail it the right way periodically. Detailing for luxury cars differs from ordinary economic cars. Let us take a look at the important dos and don’ts of detailing a high-end luxury car.

Use a Clay Bar To Remove Dust and Haze

  • The first step of any auto detailing session should be to clean the car’s exterior surface and remove all contaminants. A clean slate will ensure that the detailing products work effectively. To get rid of tough stains and stubborn pollutants, use a specially formulated clay bar. Begin the detailing process by washing the car to get rid of as many pollutants as possible.

After that, spray a lubricant over the car’s exterior surface. Knead the clay bar to soften it up, and then rub it over the car’s surface vertically. An important thing to note is that the car should stay moist and lubricated throughout the claying process. Thoroughly claying a luxury car takes in between 60-85 minutes. After that, it is ready to be polished and waxed.

Waxing The Exterior

  • Waxing is done after washing and claying. A sealant is applied to seal the detailing work and protect the car from sun damage and other environmental factors. Car wax is hydrophobic in nature, so it doesn’t let organic components and water droplets stay long on the car’s surface. Waxing is an important step in protecting the car’s shine and maintaining its resale value.

Polishing the Luxury Car

Think of car polishing as a rejuvenating process for your vehicle. It forms a protective layer over the car’s surface and fills in any gaps and swirl marks. Polishing enhances the appearance of a car’s exterior. Appearance is an important parameter for luxury cars. Hence, polishing is an absolute must for detailing a luxury car.

  • Polishing can be done using a soft polish disc or an electronic gadget that also fills in scratches and marks. While polishing the car, rinse the disc now and then get rid of built-up grime and debris. Remember that the polishing disc spins faster on the outside and slower on the inside. Rinse the entire disc thoroughly. Do not polish too vigorously, or the paint will start to chip off.

detailing a luxury car

Detailing the Car’s Interior

Cleaning the luxury car’s interior is just as important as keeping the exterior clean and spot-free. The following products are needed for detailing the interior:

  • Shampoo for cleaning car seats made of fabric
  • Leather cleaner and conditioner for leather seats
  • Unique protectant for the dashboard and detergent for the pedals
  • Vacuum cleaner to clean the mats and seats
  • A glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean glass surfaces

Take a soft cloth and remove the grime on the seats and handles with the help of a specially formulated shampoo. Next, move on to cleaning the pedals and the dashboard with unique products. In the end, use a vacuum to remove dust particles from mats and seats.

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