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RV Detailing

Leave the Dirty Cleaning to Us

Do you drive your recreational vehicle frequently, or travel far distances? If so, a basic wash may not do the trick to help get it clean and looking like new. Because of their size and many components, RVs can be more difficult to wash efficiently. At Empire Auto Spa, we have more than 20 years of experience detailing a variety of vehicles, including RVs.

A few of the packages we offer for RV’s include:

  • RV basic exterior
  • RV paint restoration
  • RV odor removal
  • RV wash and wax
  • Full detail services
  • Full interior detailing

RV and Coach Pricing

  • $15.00 per foot up to 35 feet
  • Greater than 35 feet, Call us for exact pricing.

RV Coating Services

Due to the nature of RV’s sitting outside the majority of the time, they deal with oxidation, sun fading, and general sun damage. To protect against these types of damages, Empire Auto Spa can provide your RV with multiple coating solutions to keep your vehicle in top condition. These coatings are specially designed to be hard enough to protect the clear coat from the damage of daily wear and tear. As the newest technology in luxury auto detailing, these coatings are meant to last 1-5 years. Sometimes one application can even last up to 7 years. The most advanced technology is in the self-healing coating, which takes the damage and heals it automatically! If you’re interested in protecting your investment, please call (407) 459-8371 for more information.


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