Here are 5 valuable tips you must know before detailing your boat

If you own a boat, you would definitely know the impact of detailing and cleaning. Detailing is much more than a simple rinse and clean. However, if you own the right tools, you too can detail your boat professionally. We have often come across people who detail their boats at their homes and can’t seem to get the desired results.

We have compiled 5 effective and most overlooked tips when it comes to detailing your boat. Read about them below:

Always Remove Old Wax

  • It is very important to remove old wax before you begin your boat detailing project. Simply use several pieces of a clean cloth and gently rub them on the surface of your boat. Make sure to use both sides of the clean cloth so you don’t unintentionally re-apply the old wax.

Simply rinse your boat with clean water and then begin rubbing away the old wax. This step is best done by hand.

Use A Machine Polisher

  • Wax and sealants are very important to extend the shine and life of your boat’s external body. When applied properly, they form as a thin layer protecting your boat’s body and paint from water damage. While most people prefer doing it by hand, experts recommend using a machine polisher. A machine polisher is going to help you even out the wax more efficiently and get a long-lasting shine.

Most people prefer using sealants rather than wax. They protect your boat from salt, grime, and the sun’s UV rays. It is important to select a sealant that is best suited for gel coat finishes. If you are using a microfiber cloth, make sure it is soft. An abrasive microfiber cloth will damage your boat’s body.

Select The Best Soap & Shampoo

  • There are a lot of soaps and shampoos available in the market that people use for washing their vehicles and boats. Most people don’t realize that by using the wrong kind, they are damaging their boat’s paint and body.

Soap and shampoo that fall within safe pH levels are ideal for your boat. Similarly avoid using industrial cleaning liquids, kitchen degreasers, dishwashing liquids, and laundry detergents. They might clean your boat faster, but they will also damage the outer coating on your boat’s body.

detailing your boat

Vacuum Boat Carpets

  • If your boat has a carpet, it is best to clean it regularly. Otherwise, the stains might become permanent. The first step is to inspect the carpets and see if they can be directly vacuumed. If vacuuming isn’t enough then you will need to clean it with a solution of soapy water and white vinegar.

Put your boat in a slope position and remove the drain plug. Now soak the carpet using the above solution. Use a brush to gently scrub the carpet. Now use ample water to wash out all the soap. Vacuuming is going to help the carpet dry faster.

Clean Your Boat Regularly

  • Experts recommend that you should clean and rinse your boat after each outing. If you don’t do this, hard water stains develop on the external body of the boat. Over time these become permanent and are very difficult to remove.

If you had waxed your boat, you won’t need to use soap on the body for at least 2 – 4 months. It is however recommended to do a deep cleaning & waxing once every 4 months.

  • It is important to detail and waxes your boat once at least every 4 months. This will help you make sure your boat’s paint, coating, and shine last longer. Select the right tools and avoid shortcuts at all costs.

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