Your vehicle is a prized possession, often exposed to road debris, scratches, chips, and the wrath of the elements. At Empire Auto Spa, we understand this concern and bring forth our solution: the paint protection film, an ultimate shield for your car.

This virtually invisible film, often termed as a clear bra, does not alter the aesthetics of your vehicle. Instead, it ensures that the design and color remain unchanged, all while providing the highest level of protection. With self-healing technology, minor scratches vanish, preserving your car’s pristine look. And guess what? Our paint protection film is backed by a 10-year warranty!

But what makes our service truly unique? It’s the way we incorporate distilled water in our application process, ensuring no contaminants interfere with the bond between the film and your vehicle’s paint. This refined approach ensures optimal clarity, preventing any yellowing over time.

Why choose Empire Auto Spa? Our paint protection film not only guards against typical threats but also comes with an enhanced adhesive and clear coat performance. In short, we offer a tough, durable, and maintenance-free solution that keeps your car looking newer, longer.

Expect the best for your car. Shield it with Empire Auto Spa.