Here are some surprising factors that damage car paint

One of the most important factors that affect the value of your car is its paint job. A single scratch on the surface of your car can lower its value by hundreds of dollars. In most cases, to cover up blemishes one must get professional paint correction done. However, it is important to understand how these blemishes occur.

Common Reasons Why Cars Get Damaged

  • Your car will be spending most of its life on the road. And with that the possibility of it suffering from external damages is high. However, with a little care and attention to detail, you should be able to minimize these damages. Here is a list of things that are known to cause damages to your vehicle’s paint job.


  • Temperature fluctuation is one of the biggest threats to the paint of your car. Most of the paint correction jobs are performed due to continuous exposure to changing weather. This happens because the warm weather makes the paint expand while cold would make the paint contract, leading to cracks in the paint. Although not apparent from the get-go, this could have a very adverse effect. Because the cracks make way for chemical damage to chassis and paint which is caused by dust, moisture, or other chemicals.

Road Salt

  • Road salt is used to get rid of snow during the winters, however, due to its corrosive properties, it is very dangerous for cars. Not only will the salt corrode your car’s paint, but it can also permanently stain the body of your car as well. Letting the salt sit on your car can cause rust to form and this can lead to a very expensive repair. This is why we advise you to keep your car clean to protect the paint and to get the paint redone.


  • When it comes to a ruined paint job, stones are on the top of the list of culprits. Not only can stones damage the paint on your car, but they could also lead to major damages as well, such as a broken windshield. Unfortunately, you can’t protect your car from such a hazard. However, what you can do is perform an inexpensive fix on a scratch as soon as it is formed rather than waiting for them to accumulate and turn into something a lot more costly.

Bird Droppings

  • factors that damage car paintNothing tends to give more nightmares to a car owner than bird droppings. Not only does it completely destroy the outlook of the car, but it can also be a painstaking chore to scrape it off of your car. While scraping, you may however end up damaging the paint of your car. Additionally, the excrements of birds have extremely acidic properties that can eat away at the paint of your car. This is why it is important that you clean them off. However, if you do end up damaging your car, one way or the other, it is advisable to seek professional help before the problem festers.

Rings On Fingers

  • If you are someone who wears rings on their fingers often, you would know what kind of hazard they are to a paint job. Depending on the design and type of ring you wear, you could end up leaving deep gashes on the body of your car. These gashes make it very difficult to perform repairs. However, with a little care, you should be able to avoid them completely.

Get Professional Paint Correction Services

  • At Empire Auto Spa we offer many paint correction services to restore your car’s look. We offer professional auto detailing services in Orlando, Florida, and nearby areas. Our other services include luxury hand car washes, complete exterior polish, interior detailing, and more. Not only do we regard our customers with the highest priority, but we also ensure that you save the most money while getting your car the premium treatment it deserves.