See what detailing experts have to say about ‘is waxing a car worth it?’

The average car lasts for 12-15 years. By maintaining your call well, you can increase its lifespan and push it a few extra thousand miles. Periodic washing and waxing will keep your car dirt-free and maintain its appearance for a long time. In this article, let us explore the importance of automotive waxing and what it does for your car.

Keeps The Car Scratch Free

  • Automotive wax is made from a mixture of carnauba wax, natural oils, and beeswax. It is a sticky substance that is specifically designed as a protective coating for the car. Wax is applied after thoroughly cleaning and claying the car. It acts as a sealant for the clear coat of the car. The thin layer of wax acts as a protective layer against minor scratches that may arise when the car encounters sharp and abrasive objects. However, proper application of car wax will act as a defensive shield against all minor abrasions.

Prevents The Car Paint From Degradation

  • When on the road, the cars encounter many everyday substances which can damage the car’s paintwork. These substances include UV rays, tree sap, rain, snow, hail, bird droppings, and wind, etc. These naturally existing compounds oxidize the car’s paintwork and it starts to chips off from the car’s surface. As a result, you get many patches of faded paint on the car. Repainting a car will cost you quite a lot and it will also reduce your car’s resale value. Regular application of good quality car wax offers protection from these harmful substances keeps the car’s paint intact.

Improves Resale Value

Several factors are taken into consideration when estimating the resale value of a car. These factors include the following:

  • Mileage
  • Service records
  • Maintenance of the car’s interior
  • Condition of the paint
  • No. of times the car has been repainted

Of these factors, the condition of the paint plays a crucial role as the car’s exterior is what makes the first impression. If the car’s paint is chipped or the exterior is rusted, it will reflect negatively on the car’s resale value. Regular application of car wax will preserve the car’s paint and give it the feel and shine of a ‘new car’ which will ultimately increase the resale value of the car.

Gives a Uniform and Sleek Appearance to the Car

  • is waxing a car worth it for lookWho doesn’t enjoy the look and feel of a new and shiny car? Proper application of car wax increases the shine and improves the appearance of the paint. The wax fills in all the minor gaps that exist in the paint and gives it a uniform appearance. Nowadays, car wax is available in spray cans which makes the application quite simple and easy to do.  Hence, by sparing a few minutes, you can give your car the luster it deserves.

Makes Car Cleaning Easier

  • Car wax is predominantly made of oils and waxes. These components are hydrophobic in nature and don’t let water stay on the car’s surface. Hence, waxing prevents the development of watermarks on the car’s surface. Most of the grime is dirt mixed with water. The hydrophobic nature of wax doesn’t let grime stay on the car’s surface for too long.

Waxing also makes the cleaning process easier. When the car is washed with water and soap, the slippery surface allows easy removal of dirt and grime.

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