Here are a few limitations of ceramic coating according to experts

More people are opting for ceramic coating for their automobiles because of its multiple benefits. It is a premium quality coating material that protects cars from the following:

  • Dust, debris, and grit
  • Water stains as it is hydrophobic in nature
  • Scratches and etching as it forms a protective layer over the car’s exterior
  • Damage from UV rays, winds, sand, and other harsh environmental factors
  • Keeps the car clean, hence it does not require frequent washings.
  • Gives gloss to the car and protects the car’s paint from losing its sheen.

Ceramic coating is pretty awesome. It offers high tolerance against sun rays which is quite important if you are residing in a place like Orlando, Florida that receives high-intensity sunshine during summers. However, the ceramic coating has its limitations as well. It is important to know some of the disadvantages of ceramic coating before deciding whether it is the best option for you or not.

Limitations of Ceramic Coating

Does Not Offer Fool-Proof Protection from Scratches

  • The ceramic coating does a pretty good job at offering protection against swirl marks and scratches, but the protection is not foolproof. Any hard blow due to contact with a physical surface can cause scratches or dents on the car’s exterior surface. Don’t opt for ceramic coating with the perception that this will make your car resistant to scratches and marks.

Water Spots Cannot Be Avoided Completely

Water spots are annoying little marks left by water on a surface as it dries. The marks are formed due to the contaminants which remain on the surface as the water evaporates. They are difficult to remove and can mar the aesthetic of the surface. Cars are prone to getting watermarks after they are washed or wiped with water. The ceramic coating offers pretty solid protection against watermarks, but sadly some marks still find their way.

Costly Application

  • If you want the ceramic coating to give the best results, take your car to a professional who knows how to apply it correctly. Sadly, service providers charge quite a lot of money for the professional application of ceramic coating. One-time service can cost you between $500-2000 depending upon the kind of coating and the quality of application service.

This is a visible limitation for people who are on a strict budget.

Application Takes Time

If you plan to opt for ceramic coating for your car, be prepared to say goodbye to it for at least three days. Service providers usually require this much to apply the coating and let it dry before handing over the car.

limitations of ceramic coating

Unprofessional Application Can Make The Car Look Worse

  • Unlike other car cleaning and maintenance work, the ceramic coating should not be applied at home. Its application is quite tricky and technical and if done the wrong way, it can make your car appear worse than before. This makes you bound to seek professional application service which can be quite costly for the average consumer.

The DIY kits for ceramic coating are not of good quality. Also, if you try to apply the coating yourself, it can be quite a time-consuming task.


  • Ceramic coating has multiple benefits and a few shortcomings. It offers good value for money and has numerous benefits in the long run. Sure, the application takes 2-3 days and cannot be done at home, but the application is a one-time thing. The only constraint we see is that of cost.

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