For a smooth and safe drive learn the following ways to maintain your car during winters

Winter is coming. The frosty season is not easy on vehicles and brings its own set of challenges for most car owners. During winters, icy roads, salted pathways, and heavy snow create multiple navigation issues. Along with that, an extreme drop in temperatures causes undesirable changes in the car’s engine and other components. For its smooth and safe running and to avoid unforeseen accidents, preventive maintenance techniques should be applied.

Car Lights Should Be in Good State

  • Days get much shorter during winters which means there is less daylight to help you navigate. The use and need for car lights increase during winters. Hence, it is important to ensure that your car lights are in excellent shape are working optimally before winter starts. Even if a single car bulb is malfunctioning, get it repaired.

Or if the headlights get foggy, clean them to get the brightest light. Another thing to remember is that before you drive off, scan your headlights and remove any snow that may be covering your car’s exterior surface.

Keep The Battery In Good Health

  • Cold weather decreases the operational capacity of the battery and makes its working more difficult. A low-strength battery may continue working during summers but will be rendered useless during winters. Hence, it is important to keep a check on the health and state of the battery during winters. Perform a voltage test to determine the electric voltage of the battery and whether or not it is at its optimal capacity. If the battery is weak, consider buying a new battery to get you through winters without any major hiccup.

Maintain The Desired Level of Antifreeze

  • Antifreeze or coolant is the green liquid that prevents your car’s engine from freezing during winters. It is one of the most important components to help maintain the operational capacity of your car during winters. It regulates the temperature of the car’s engine during summers and winters. Before the start of winters, make sure that the car is filled with the desired levels of antifreeze and there is no leakage in the car’s engine that may cause the coolant to drain out. To further reduce the freezing point of the coolant, it is recommended to fill your radiator with a 50-50 mix of water and coolant.

Buy Good Quality Winter Tires

  • maintain your car during wintersWinter tires help maintain control of the vehicle on slippery snow-laden roads. They stay flexible during cold temperatures and do not get jammed. Winter tires provide improved traction when making sudden adjustments such as applying breaks or taking a sharp turn. They are a must for those areas where the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, if you are living in colder regions, do not shy away from investing in good-quality winter tires.

Check The State of The Defroster and Heater

  • Heaters maintain optimal levels of heat inside the car and defrosters melt snow, frost, and ice from windows, and maintain visibility. Both these components are important for comfortable and safe driving. Before the arrival of winter, check the climate control system of the defroster as both the defroster and heater and controlled by the climate control system. Any issues should be fixed before winter comes in full swing.

By following these maintenance tips and getting your car detailed regularly, you can keep your car in good shape and health throughout the entire span of winters. For auto detailing and other services, contact Empire Auto Spa. we are located in Orlando, Florida. Call us at 407-574-8381 to get an estimate of our services.