Paint Protection Film Installation!

Laser Cut • Nationwide Warranty • 30 Years Experience

Computer-Cut Car Protection Film Providing Protection Against Road Debris, Insects, and Other Hazards!


Protect Your Paint:
Empire Auto Spa Paint Protection Film is made of urethane and is almost invisible. It is made to protect your car’s paint from damage caused by gravel, debris, stones, road salt, insects, and even small crashes.

Invisible & Strong:
Yes, invisible paint protection film is strong. At 8mm thick, we may apply it to any painted surface. 3-5 hours are needed for installation. A transparent bra takes 30 days to cure, but you can drive after installation. Don’t wash it for a week, though.

Colored Lights Available:
We provide colored headlight and taillight protection film for any vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. 

Car - Windshield

Additional Services

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