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Looking for the Best Tires in Orlando?

The best tires for Central Florida are the perfect blend of performance, looks and safety. Are you confident your vehicle has the best tires for your driving needs?

What Are The Best Tires for Central Florida?

As residents of Orlando and the surrounding areas, we all know that our weather attracts a ton of snowbirds from up north. The problem is the snowbirds aren’t used to the amount of rain we get here in Florida.

Between May and November, its not unusual to experience dry, hot, humid, sunny, rainy, torrential rain, flash flooding and then back to sun all in the same day.

Ask yourself this ?

Are you tires on your vehicle capable of handling the Florida climate?

Whether you are driving a Jeep, Mustang, Telsa an extoic or something else, you want to ensure your tires can handle the ever changing Central Florida conditions.

Will your tires stop your vehicle during inclement weather ?

We hope the answer is yes. If not, Empire Auto can install the most effective tires for our wet, damp and warm climate. All our high performance tires have outstanding grip in wet conditions.

Tires in Central Florida:

At Empire Auto, we’re proud to provide high performance, ultra high performance, off road, exotic, OEM, Vintage reproduction and even drag slicks. We stock tires that not only look great, they provide incredible performance for a variety of driving conditions.


High performance tires boast the highest level of traction as well as excellent performance during high speed or demanding driving situations.

If you have a classic, an exotic,an offroad vehicle, a Tesla or even a motorcycle, high performance tires can help keep you safe during the unpredictable Florida weather.

Don’t wait until the rain hits to upgrade the tires on your vehicle or motorcycle..

Let our knowledgeable tire technicians help you find the best tires for your car. Call us today to schedule an appointment.



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