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Custom, personalized caliper paint can give your vehicle an amazing, head turning look.
As your rims spin down the road, the calipers maintain a “locked in” look that just flat out looks great. Painted calipers command attention because of the contrast between the color of the wheels and the striking color of customized calipers.

Why paint your calipers?

As the custom wheel and caliper market continues to evolve, we’re seeing a move towards with modern styling features on wheels that leave more of the inner workings of the wheel visible. Design choices like less spokes or more open style wheel designs mean your brakes are more visible than they were with older style wheels. Brake calipers and rotors are usually designed for function and not visual appeal. In the past brakes were for pure function, to stop your vehicle. This is not the case anymore. Are you stuck with bland, boring or flat out embarrassing calipers on your vehicle?  Let the Empire up your caliper game with custom paint.

If you’ve made the investment in custom wheels for your vehicle, the next step is to bring your brakes up to the level of your wheels. As a car enthusiasts, our work is never really “done” is it ?

What we do

We can paint your brake parts to give your vehicle that extra bit of “pop”. Select an aggressive red, yellow or more non-traditional color to suit your style. Choose black for a murdered out look in matte or gloss for a more elegant, crisp look, and let your wheels make a statement on their own.

No matter what color you select, popular brands like Brembo, AMG, or the manufacturer’s logo for your car can be added to the calipers. If you’ve put in the time, money and effort to customize the look of your vehicle, make sure you don’t pass on this final step to make your wheels stick out. Show off your style with custom painted brake calipers. Whether you have a Mustang, Tesla, an exotic, a Subaru or something else, we can handle it.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, painting your brake calipers has a practical reason behind it. Over time and as you put miles on your vehicle, your brakes collect tough to get rid of brake dust and road dirt…especially here in Central Florida. Even worse , calipers can rust overtime. Before we get started, we’ll wipe down existing grime, rust deposits and irregular surfaces. We’ll makes sure your brake parts are in top shape and are safe before we paint. New paint for your calipers will help protect them against rust, and makes them easier to clean, keeping them looking pristine and brand-new, longer.

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