Read our Tesla Model 3 Review to find out the most common problems with this super electronic car

If you are looking to purchase a Tesla Model 3, you must watch this video. These are some common issues that we have seen throughout dozens of Teslas we have received.

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  • We’re going to talk about what you should look out for when you’re picking up your brand new Tesla Model 3 stick around.


  • Here are the key things that you’re going to want to pay attention to when you pick up your brand new Tesla Model 3. We’ve done it dozens and dozens and dozens of these vehicles and we’re seeing very consistent damage across the board. Before I begin I want to start off by telling you we love these things Tesla creates a fantastic product. Many of you know the story behind what’s going on right now involves Tesla needing to get 50,000 of these units out before the end of the year and this is leading to some consistent issues and that what we’re going to address in today’s video.


  • You can see on this particular vehicle this client elected to go ahead and color match the trim to the wheels we think it looks pretty cool, but on a few of these models, we’ve seen direct from the factory where they’ll actually have damaged in the chrome trim.

Chrome Trim Fit and Finish

Poor fit and finish is something we see on roughly 80% of the automobiles that come in for paint correction. If you take a look at the rear passenger quarter panel you’ll actually see consistent damage right in this spot. Be sure to watch the full video, we’re going to show you a number of photos of what the paint damage looks like on your vehicle.


  • If you have a black automobile that you’re picking up a close eye out for sanding marks you’ll see all kinds of areas on your paint where it will actually be a little bit flatter in appearance.

If you got a brighter vehicle like the Red (which is a $1,500 additional option) what you’ll be looking for are little rings in your paint. We will show you a number of examples in the pictures on the video right now.

  • Look for these rings. These are areas where trash was probably caught up in the paint they’ve been sanded out at the factory but it’s very difficult to get the ring out of there. That’s something that we can absolutely help you with. Keep an eye out for these instances.

So when we talked about the Tesla story we discussed the need to get 50,000 units out many of you at home, especially enthusiasts of this automobile, know that roughly 20% of these cars are actually built in a tent right next door to the manufacturing facility what we’ve seen in a number of instances is for whatever reason many of the front bumpers of these automobiles actually seem to be repainted and they’re done separately.

  • One of the easiest ways to figure out whether or not your front bumper has been repainted is just to simply feel it with your hand. This was actually a victim of the very same thing and if you feel under the front bumper with this point right here it’s in the way that the bumper feels.

In addition to that on this side of the bumper when we received the vehicle it was actually not as red as the rest of the bumper. Again this might seem crazy, it surprised us quite a bit as well this is the fourth vehicle we’ve seen that the bumper had clearly been repainted from the factory. All you gotta do is feel underneath and if you feel a rough texture down here what you’re actually feeling is a lack of clear coat from with a bumper that was repainted.


  • Here is another really common issue. This vehicle doesn’t actually suffer from it but take a look at yours either during inspection or for many you you can go out to your parking lot and actually take a look at the one that’s in your driveway. Many of them have its huge gapping issue. Its most obvious on the hood and we’ve seen instances where it’s as much as a full inch.

You can literally just run your finger along the line and feel an inch ridge or an inch height difference between the fender and the bumper that the trunk or the frunk or whatever you want to call this thing.

The thing to really pay attention to here is that the gapping issues will be all over the car again most predominantly on the hood. Keep an eye out for it because again these are all things that you can have addressed by the dealership.

  • We see this on one hundred percent of the Teslas that come into Empire Auto Spa. Every single Tesla Model 3 we’ve ever seen come in has these issues. You’ll notice on both sides of your automobile is it there is this just constant gapping issue again this is a little thing but for many of our clients don’t like seeing this again this is something that we see on 100 percent of them.

I want to make sure everybody understands is actually not a problem that many times I will come in and they’re concerned about their rainbow roof. Often times they look and they’ll say hey my fitment for the front piece of glass looks a lot different than sitting on the rear on all of them you’ll notice that the gapping here is very different in comparison to the gapping right here normal it’s on 100% of the automobiles.


Now let’s face it all automobiles have problems, and the Tesla’s are no different I’m going to tell you the best part of everything that I showed you. Number one all of the repairs can be done by a skilled technician. Number two and probably most important your local Tesla location is more than willing to make it right. We’ve never seen a dealership stand behind their automobiles like Tesla.

Let’s face it, you and I both know you waited a long time for your chance to own a model 3, these aren’t going to be a deal-breaker. And these are things that are not going to stop you from taking delivery. They are going to be things you want to be aware of and give your local Tesla location an opportunity to make it right.

100% of the time they will if you’d like a second opinion, feel free to give us a call. Empire Auto Spa. We are Central Florida’s number one location for all your Tesla needs we hope that this video helps you out if you drew videos where some common issues that we see on the interior of the vehicle and then we’re going to record some videos about why we love the Teslas. Call us today to help you with paint protection or ceramic coating for your Tesla.