5 benefits of auto detailing you never knew

Most people have a sentimental value attached to their cars. They want to keep it looking spot-free and want to retain its shine and gleam. Auto detailing is one such way to do that. A lot of car owners have mixed feelings about auto detailing. They are not sure how it is different from the average car wash service and why it costs significantly higher than that.

As the name indicates, car detailing is the process of detailed cleaning of a car. Unlike the average car wash, car detailing involves the deep and thorough cleaning of both the car’s interior and exterior. It not only cleans the car but also helps remove tough stains and other contaminants. It also reverses the damage caused by the sun or pollutants.

Car detailing has multiple benefits and is worth the cost. So let’s read on.

Removal of Damaging Contaminants

  • Some contaminants such as sap and tar can cling permanently to your car’s exterior surface and cannot be removed through the usual soap. Getting rid of these contaminants is crucial because they can damage the coating layer of your car’s paint if they remain stuck to the surface for longer durations. To get rid of these stubborn contaminants, a clay bar is used which gently scrapes away these contaminants. This restores the original smoothness of the car’s base coat.

The advantage of car detailing is that expert detailers can get rid of all kinds of contaminants from your car’s exterior. For e.g. hard water from sprinklers leaves traces of mineral on the car. They can be removed using a solution that has a low pH.

Correct Scratches and Swirls

  • Scratches and swirls are often caused when the car gets scraped with a rough surface. They can also be caused due to the inappropriate use of buffers and express car washes. Scratches and swirls are hard to get rid of and can make the car appear aged and aesthetically unpleasant.

Expert detailers can help fix scratches and swirls. They use special orbital paint polish to get rid of scratches and swirls and reinstate the original gleam of the car to the factory standard.

Offers Paint Protection

  • After the car has been thoroughly cleaned and all scratches have been removed, the detailer applies a generous coat of wax to the car’s exterior. This acts as a sealant and protector. It seals in the shine of the car and offers protection against scratches, dirt, debris, and dust. Due to its hydrophobic nature, it offers protection against stubborn watermarks as well.

Routine waxing of your car will help protect its paint and retain its gleam.

benefits of auto detailing

Protects the Car’s Interior

  • Auto detailing involves thorough cleaning and decontamination of both the car’s exterior and interior. After the exterior has been thoroughly cleaned, the detailer will focus on the car’s interior. The car’s interior gets embedded with pet hair and stains from spillovers. The detailers will vacuum the car’s interior to get rid of pet dander and dust. Leather upholstery is cleaned and conditioned, leaving it soft and supple. The chances of cracking are reduced once the upholstery is conditioned.

Degreasers and enzymes are used to get rid of carpet stains.

Increases The Resale Value of Your Car

  • Periodic auto detailing increases the resale value of the car. It keeps the car in good shape and does not let debris and dust accumulate in and out of the car. If you ever plan on reselling it, chances are you will get be able to get a very good price.

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