Learn what is ceramic coating and its many benefits from detailing experts near you

There’s nothing like a well-maintained car. The feeling you get when your car comes out of the wash in all its original glory beats everything. But is car wash enough to keep your car looking its best in the long term? Your car constantly takes a beating from environmental factors such as sunlight, dust, windstorm, bird beats, and other unusual conditions. Over time, your car’s exterior surface begins to appear dull and faded even after it has been through a wash. 

You can wash your car regularly and apply coats of wax every few months but the swirl marks, stains, and scratches will start to show up nevertheless. Even the regular washing sessions cannot keep the car appearing spotless because dirt and grime stick to the car’s exterior after every washing. Lucky for you, there is something else you can do to keep your vehicle looking its best. And that something is ceramic coating.

In the world of car cleaning and detailing, Ceramic Coating is a chemical substance that offers solid protection to the car’s exterior against harsh weather conditions and environmental factors. If you’ve never been to a detailing center in New Orlandos, this is your chance to discover why it is the best way to keep your car’s exterior, and interior intact.

Understanding Ceramic Coating

  • Industry-grade ceramic is a polymer that is applied to the exterior of the car’s surface as a protective layer. It has hydrophobic properties which offer protection against tough weather conditions. Ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating, blends with the paint of the car and adds an invisible yet tough layer of protection for your car’s exterior surface.

Ceramic has a complex chemical structure which gives it inert properties. It is able to sustain atmospheric conditions such as high-intensity sunlight and acid rain etc and does not break down. It creates an adhesive bond with the paint of the car and offers protection from all atmospheric elements. 

  • Hence, your car’s factory paint remains intact, and water, grime, and dust do not leave any traces. Ceramic coating is a wonderful alternative to car wax as it does not require frequent applications and it does a much better job protecting the car than conventional wax. Ceramic coating also makes it easier to clean your car. 

At Empire Auto Spa, we use Feynlab ceramic. It is the best form of ceramic coating and offers the following advantages over typical ceramics:

  • Feynlab features nano-coating which doubles the durability and protection for painted car surfaces.
  • It adds gloss and shine to the surface, making it appear new and attractive for longer periods. 
  • It offers heat and UV protection,  and resistance from corrosion.
  • The hydrophobic quality of Feynlab doesn’t let watermarks appear on the surface. 

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of ceramic coating for cars.

what is ceramic coating

Protection From UV Radiations

  • Ceramic coating is invisible and you cannot tell it apart from the factory color of the car. Even though it is not visible, ceramic forms a protective coating over the vehicle. This protects it from the harmful and high-intensity UV radiations which can otherwise cause your car’s paint to dull over time.

Anyone who parks his/her car out in the sun knows how quickly the car’s paint can faint due to high-intensity sunlight. The sun’s rays oxidize the car’s paint causing it to become dull. The inert chemical composition of ceramic coating offers a protective layer to the car and doesn’t allow the UV rays to interact with the paint.

  • The temperatures in places like New Orlandos can soar to 91 degrees Fahrenheit during summers. Tough humid summers with high temperatures take a toll on your car. However, with ceramic coating in place, you can expect your car’s paint to sustain for a much longer duration. 

If you want a first-hand experience with Feynlab ceramic coating near you, visit our detailing center today and you won’t be disappointed.