What is Paint Protection Film? Learn from the best car detailing service in Central Florida

A vehicle is a great asset, not just for travel but style as well. Vehicles say a lot about who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.


  • This is why owners are often looking for ways to improve and protect their vehicles through wax applications, sealants, and other forms of protection. When it comes to protecting our investments, there are some options on the market to ensure the lasting aesthetics and function of our purchases. One of the techniques for providing cars with protection is Paint Protection Film. While these films have been around for some time, they have recently gained traction and are becoming an increasingly popular way to protect vehicles. A properly trained technician can apply a paint protection film in a matter of hours that will provide proper protection for years to come.


  • Earlier uses of this product as it was first developed to protect helicopter blades from damage in the Vietnam War. It left a cloudy appearance and was lightweight. Today Paint Protection Film offers a wide variety of clear and colored polyurethane films and fits on top of paint layers for vehicles without detection. Advances in the film’s production and application have made it considerably slimmer than its ancestors. Its durability means it will protect against a wide range of potential damages such as scratches, chips, and dents. The protective film is also an excellent protector against bug splatter, bird droppings, and acid rain, which often eat away at a car’s paint little by little. For drivers in Florida, the paint protection film is huge for protecting against the sun and UV exposure that helps to reduce oxidation. Cars left in the sun will suffer from increased heat and sunlight that can bubble the paint.


  • One of the most exciting parts of Paint Protection Film is the ability for the material to self-heal. This means that after the film experiences a scratch, dent, or tear the material will fill in the gap and provide coverage once again. On a micro level, the material contains small capsules that when ruptured, distribute themselves to fill in breaks or gaps. This is done without any external influence and will take place on its own. Films also last for quite some time lasting anywhere from 5-10 years, depending on the amount of exposure the car faces.

The paint protection film is great for not just places with paint, but other areas of the car that may require extra protection. These include side mirrors, bumpers, fender panels, door edges, and more. Plastic parts on vehicles don’t show wear and tear the way paint does. Still, it doesn’t hurt to provide areas with a buffer against UV light, acid rain, bird droppings, and bugs. The paint protection film will stop rock chips, absorb small scratches, and discourage hard water spots from forming. Keeping those scratches off can ensure a higher price point if it ever comes time to sell the car.

what is paint protection film


  • Paint Protective Film is not the same as vinyl. Vinyl coatings or wraps as they are also known as are made of a more substantial, thicker, material. Wraps are easier to install but are often meant to change an aesthetic rather than provide protection. Vinyl applications are usually found on cars or vans that are used commercially for advertisement. If you’ve ever spotted a local plumbing repair van with a fancy logo and phone numbers for contact, then it is likely from a wrap. Vinyl does not have self-healing properties to recover from dents, scratches, or debris.

The paint protection film is thinner, transparent, and is meant to show whatever is underneath. It allows a good paint job to really shine and provides a barrier between dulling and damage from external forces. If you need something a bit more durable, check out our Ceramic Coating options.  We’re proud to serve Orlando,  Sanford, and Winter Park. Call us today to schedule an appointment.