Here are the top benefits of car wraps for your vehicle according to experts

All car owners understand the importance of protective maintenance for cars. The use of important protective and preventive maintenance gear such as car wraps protects the car from scratches, abrasions, and minor dents. Car wraps are basically vinyl films that are applied as a protective coating on the car’s exterior surface. They are applied directly over the car’s paint. 

Vinyl offers protection against harsh weather and small dings and scratches. The good thing about vinyl car wraps is that they are available in different colors and designs which are customizable as well. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of car wraps which make them an ideal choice of protection for cars. 

It Eliminates The Need for A Car Repaint

  • Most car owners opt for a repaint when their car’s paint becomes chipped and faded. Hence, car repainting is a form of corrective maintenance and even the most mediocre car repaint job costs around $8,000. If your car has dents or rust, the cost of repainting will increase. Add to it the fact that repainting bigger cars such as SUVs and Minivans may take a couple of weeks. 

Another downside of the paint job is that it decreases the resale value of the car.  However, if you protect your car with a vinyl wrap, you can drastically reduce the need for a repaint job as car wraps offer protection against harsh environmental conditions, abrasion, and, friction. Hence, your paint will not chip off or fade for a long period of time.

Car Wraps Are Durable and Ease to Maintain

  • top benefits of car wrapsOn average a car wrap will last you in between two to ten years. With the right care, they can last even longer. When your car is exposed to high pollution areas, smog and particulate matter deposit on the car’s surface especially on the straight areas of the car wrap. When these pollutants are exposed to some form of moisture such as dew, rain, or mist, they form an acidic solution. The acidic substance damages the wrap and causes its degradation. 

The best way to care for these vinyl wraps is by hand washing the car with a non-aggressive detergent and warm water. 

Gives You The Freedom to Change Your Car’s Color Often

  • Car wraps provide you the freedom to change the color of the car as often as you would like to. All you need to do is remove the previous wrap and replace it with a new wrap of your desired color. Hence, you can experiment with a ton of colors and customizable designs all the while protecting your car’s paint job. 

Changing the color of the paint with a paint job is quite difficult because you will need multiple layers of paint to achieve the desired color. Such heavy and frequent application of paint can result in its chipping. Also, if you want to switch from a darker tone to a lighter one, you will need several coats of paint to do so. However, with vinyl wraps, you can easily change the sheets by peeling off one and replacing it with another one. 

  • Vinyl decal sheets come off easily without the need for any peeling solution. 

If you haven’t tried car wraps before, give them a try. They offer convenience, customization, value for money, and ease of use. To get a professional car wrap, contact Empire Auto Spa. we provide carp warp services at reasonable rates. Call us at 407-574-8381. We are located in Orlando, Florida, and provide services in adjoining areas as well.