Ultimate guide on professional ways to detail an RV

An RV is an American-style recreational vehicle, ideal for family vacations. It is a lot bigger than the average car and requires frequent maintenance. RV detailing is the key to keeping it in a good state. RV detailing is different than auto detailing. Being an RV owner, you must know the important tips to detail your RV correctly and efficiently. So read on.

Buy The Necessary Tools

  • As mentioned before, RV detailing is different from auto detailing. To get started on your project, first purchase all the right tools. Since an RV is a gigantic vehicle, you will need an electric pressure washer that can reach the top of the RV and get rid of the stains and dirt that cover different areas of your vehicle. Purchase an electric pressure that produces a maximum pressure of 2,000 PSI. Gas pressure washers have greater thrust but they consume more water.

If your RV is not covered with mold or mildew then the thrust from an electric water pressure will suffice. Use a water pressure that has a wide-angle sprayer tip. This will increase the surface area of the water and ensure that the pressure will not cause a dent in the RV. A wide-angle sprayer tip will also cover more areas of the RV with a single spray. Do not use the sprayer in the decals and trim pieces.

Along with the pressure washer, you need the following equipment for detailing your RV:

  • Large and mobile water tanks. RV detailing consumes three times the amount of water needed for auto detailing.
  • Gel gloss for finishing.
  • Wax for protection
  • Foam cannon to deliver suds
  • Water deionizer for preventing water spots

Use The Recommended Products for Cleaning RV Roof

  • detail an rvCleaning the roof of the RV is the trickiest part. For one, it is not easily approachable as it is seven to ten feet above the ground. Secondly, the roof is made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene-Diene Monomer), which is a rubber-like material. It is a white substance that attracts dust and soot. For this reason, the roof of the RV is usually the dirtiest part.

While washing the roof, you need to avoid a couple of mistakes. Do not wash the roof with regular dish soap. It contains a degreaser which is not ideal for cleaning plastic. The degreaser can dry out the plastic, causing it to crack over time. Use a specially-formulated RV rubber roof cleaner which will clean the roof effectively and protect it from UV damage as well.

  • Along with using a specially formulated roof cleaner, top up your RV’s roof with a standard wash and wax soap for extra protection. These protectants prevent cracking which may occur from excess drying.

Use lamb’s Wool to Avoid Scratching

  • Your choice of fabric for cleaning the RV will have a huge impact on the long-term upkeep of the RV. Use a specially manufactured cloth made from lamb’s wool for cleaning your RV. a stiff-brustled brush or a wrung-out towel will cause scratches on your vehicle’s surface. So it is recommended to avoid them.

Clean the difficult and hard-to-reach areas with a mitt made from the soft wool of a lamb. You can also use a soft brush made of wool or microfiber material and attach it to an extendable pole to reach the difficult spots.

If DIY detailing is difficult for you, consult a professional auto detailer like Empire Auto Spa. We provide top-notch RV detailing services in Florida.