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Subaru Detailing

Whether you want to keep your new Subaru sparkling clean, or you want to bring your dirty Subaru back to it’s like-new shine, Empire Auto Spa can do it all. Not everyone has the time to keep their car sparkling clean, but that’s where the professionals come in. Our expert team at Empire Auto Spa puts in the time and elbow grease to make your car immaculately clean, inside and out. We truly care about making your car look it’s best, and our job isn’t complete until you’re completely satisfied.


  • Luxury hand car wash
  • Clay bar application
  • Complete exterior polish
  • Exterior decontamination wipe
  • Coating applied to all exterior surfaces including painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, and windshield.
  • Full interior detail
  • Condition all leather surfaces
  • Fabric Guard remaining interior surfaces

Auto Coating Services

Empire Auto Spa also offers auto coating services, the newest technology in luxury auto detailing. These protective coats will keep your vehicle in mint condition, as they’re specially designed to be hard enough to protect the clear coat from damage. The protective coats are meant to last between 1-5 years, but can even last up to 7 years! The most impressive aspect of this advanced technology is that the self-healing coating will heal the damage automatically.

Paint Correction Services

Every car has an outer layer of clear coating that protects the colored paint underneath. Over time, this clear coating will become damaged through usual wear and tear. With our paint correction services, also known as paint restoration, we remove a microscopic amount of the outer layer of clear coating, which removes the scratches and swirls. This leaves your Subaru looking brand new, with it’s original paint still fully intact. Paint correction offers you an effective, efficient, and affordable alternative to having your car’s paint removed and recoated.