Paint protection films vs ceramic coating – Learn from an auto spa expert which is the better option

Every car owner knows the importance of a protective coating to preserve the car’s shine and look and to keep it scratch-free. There are several ways to do that, but Paint Protection Films and Ceramic Coatings are two of the most popular choices. In this article, we will explore the differences and similarities between the two to determine which is the better choice for your car.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

  • Ceramic coating is a kind of liquid coating that is made from the highly inert chemical –  ceramic. The coating is applied to the car’s exterior surface and it fills in all the gaps and cracks on the car’s surface. It is a hydrophobic compound that makes your car easier to clean. Due to its hydrophobic nature, water doesn’t stay on the car, and watermarks are prevented. It adds strength to windows and makes them prone to cracks and breaks.

What is Paint Protection Film?

  • It is a kind of vinyl material that is laid onto the car’s exterior surface. PPF has a thin and clear consistency and has self-healing properties. You can think of PPF as the protective screen covers that people use for their phones. PPF protects the car’s surface from all kinds of dirt and debris. It also prevents the car from getting stains and scratches.

Similarities Between PPF and Ceramic Coating

PPF and ceramic coating share the following similarities:

  • They offer protection against environmental hazards such as heat, UV radiations, bird poop, acid rain, smog, and hail.
  • They prevent the fading away of a car’s paint due to oxidation.
  • They prevent the appearance of etch marks which may be formed due to acid rain.
  • They preserve the look of the car and add shine and gloss to it.

Differences Between PPF and Ceramic Coating

To choose between the two, it is important to know how they differ from each other. Let us take a look at their differences.

  • protection films vs ceramic coatingPPF is easily removable, whereas ceramic coating can only be removed with the help of a professional detailer. If the PPF layer gets damaged, you can easily remove and replace it with a new one.
  • PPF does a better job at protecting the car against road debris while ceramic coating makes it easier to clean the car due to its hydrophobic properties. The ceramic coating doesn’t protect against debris that effectively.
  • The ceramic coating gives a more glossy look to the car whereas PPF tends to get dirty with time. PPF layer absorbs dust and mud and can give the car a hazy appearance.
  • PPF can self-heal. If some portion of the layer gets torn off, apply some heated air to the impacted area and the film will fuse together.

Should I Get PPF or Ceramic Coating for my Vehicle?

  • The answer to this important question boils down to your need and budget. PPF is usually on the pricier side with prices going as high as $5,000. You can get an average ceramic coating for under $1,000.

If you frequently drive your car on country roads or highways where your car may encounter rock chips and debris, the PPF is the obvious choice as it offers better protection. However, if you are only looking for a gloss, shine, and superficial protection from environmental elements, then the ceramic coating will do the job.

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